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"Natural Breathing" is an exhibition signed Cyril Sauliner alias C-Reel and Louis Stimes, in association with the brand Deus Ex Machina and in partnership with 3M which took place in summer 2019 in Bali, Indonesia.

Photography :  C-REEL

An original idea by : C-Reel and Louis Stimes Photography : Claudia Peretti - Didit Prasetyo - Julien Bonardi Make up : Rosarinho Rodrigues Partners : Deus Ex Machina - Death To The White Walls - 3M  Model : Elena Ralu - Sasha Ap - Pamella Penno Retouching : Tzveta - Print : Tinta Print - Public Relations : Borde Melissa Shaper Board : Victor Hariadi - Bimo Sawrus Swimwear : September The Line - Concrete Planter : Slab Interiors

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